Angelical Tears – “The Eleventh Hour” (2012)

Angelical Tears – “The Eleventh Hour” (2012)

When one thinks of good symphonic power metal bands, the United States of America is not a country that first leaps to mind. Europe seems to be the birthplace of many a good symphonic power metal band these days. The States can boast a few good bands in that genre of metal and one of them is Oklahoma’s Angelical Tears. The band formed in October 2006 and released their very good debut EP in 2010. Since that EP, the band went from being a six piece to a four piece band. Gone are the second guitarist and keyboardist. Now the new look Angelical Tears returns with their full-length debut, “The Eleventh Hour” and this is a band that has really started to come into their own. The EP was good, but this far surpasses it in quality and style, in my opinion.

On their Facebook page Angelical Tears describes themselves as Angelic vocals, demonic guitars, and thundering drums! That about sums it up, but there is so much more, like great songs, well written and performed and strong musicianship. I really like the Angelic vocals of Julia Flansburg, her style certainly fits the songs. The opening intro “Inceptum Fini” is pretty eerie and an atmospheric opening. The classy “Pool of Sorrow” follows the intro with a wall of solid riffs, a killer melody and some great vocals from Julia. Angelical Tears follows that up with the equally excellent “Queen of Hearts”. Next is the melancholic ballad “Missing” (which has a “My Immortal” feel to it). This an emotional song that is sure to induce chills in its passion. Also included here is a cover of the great Journey song “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”. Anybody that covers Journey is OK in my book and Angelical Tears does a good job and even add their own twist to this classic song. Angelical Tears also include two songs (“Hate” and “Alone”) which have the lyrics song in Russian. Other highlights include: “Another Day”, “Sunrise at Sunset” and “With the Shadows”.

For some reason after listening to “The Eleventh Hour” I have the feeling that Angelical Tears would be a great live band – the songs just exude that feeling. Hopefully those outside of Oklahoma will get to experience Angelical Tears live, but until then we can revel in the awesomeness that is “The Eleventh Hour”.

Rating – 95/100

Femme Metal Webzine, Tony Cannella, January 08, 2013

ANGELICAL TEARS - 'The Eleventh Hour'

ANGELICAL TEARS - 'The Eleventh Hour'

Angelical Tears, the oncoming threat from Oklahoma, USA, emerge once again from the darkened abyss and deliver their latest release 'The Eleventh Hour'. Featuring more of the classic Within Temptation and Evanescence combination, the quintet immerse the listener with soothing heavenly vocals, razor-hard riffs and solid drumming in one epic package. Since their self-titled debut, Angelical Tears have torn apart the rulebook and wrote their own sound, layering different elements from different Metal genres and finalising a sound that will captivate any fan of female-fronted bands, this is perhaps the album to get them signed by and as 'The Eleventh Hour' strikes, four tornadoes spawn, ready to strike the heart of the everyday metal fan.

Global Metal Apocalypse, RHYS STEVENSON, September 22, 2012

Interview with Angelical Tears vocalist Julia Flansburg

Interview with Angelical Tears vocalist Julia Flansburg

Recently, while attending the Chicago, IL festival Dame-Nation 2011, I discovered the female fronted band Angelical Tears who were performing in support of their self-titled EP. I got in contact with vocalist Julia Flansburg in order to ask her a few questions about the EP, new drummer, her vocals and her Russian tongue.

I recently heard Angelical Tears at Dame-Nation while working merch. I was impressed with the band's sound and your voice. How do you sustain such strong vocals? Julia: I have been working with vocal coach Regina Grimaldi at Headliner Studios for about a year now. I try to warm up before we go on to make sure my vocal chords are ready to rock.

Is it hard performing your songs live? Julia: Not really, we practice quite a bit so the technical aspects are well rehearsed. Usually the challenges come in the variables we face in different venues such as the mix we get through the monitors. Some are great, other times it is difficult to hear myself, but we always get through it and do our best to give the crowd a good show.

You recently got a new Drummer in Jeremy "JC" Clifton. How has it been working with him? Julia: Things are working out very well with JC. He brings a lot to the table and has really filled out the rhythm section. He also has excellent compositional skills so is also programming the keys we use. We definitely have a strong lineup and look forward to what the future holds.

Your Angelical Tears EP has been out for awhile, what key topics do you write about lyrically? Julia: The EP was released in fall 2010 so we are indeed ready to record new material. Lyrics typically revolve different facets of relationships.

The song "Chasing Eternity" has some Russian lyrics I noticed. Are you fluent in Russian and what's the meaning behind that song? Julia: Yes, I was born in Orel, Russia so it is my first language. The song was originally completely in English, but when we went into the studio we decided to to give it a try in Russian. We may actually do another Russian language song for the next CD as well due to the feedback we've received. "Chasing Eternity" is about dreaming about and longing to be with someone, but being unable to due to circumstance which keep you apart.

How does Angelical Tears go about writing music? Is it a collective effort or is it more the efforts of one particular member of the band? Julia: Song writing really is a collective effort. It may start with a vocal melody, or guitar riff, or keyboard melody. Lyric writing pretty much happens in the same manner.

Check out the song: "Tomorrow Happens Now"

Speaking of writing, are you working on a follow up to your self-titled EP? Julia: We are indeed! We previewed a number of new songs at Dame-Nation and should be going into the studio quite soon. The plan is to release another recording around January or so.

Your name Angelical Tears sounds like it could have a story behind it. What is the meaning and how did the name come about? Julia: That was a name that was chosen by Glenn and I. We wanted something with the name "Angelical" and the word Tears was added to that. Not really a story beyond that!

I saw on your Facebook that you played The All Stars Tour in Milwaukee, WI. How did the crowd take to your diverse sound? Julia: That was a different crowd for us, but we did receive some good response. We are glad to have gotten the opportunity to play.

What's coming up in the near future for Angelical Tears? Julia: We will be wrapping up our summer tour with dates in Kansas, Nevada, and Colorado. We will be playing Rock Jam 2011 which is a large music festival held in Grand Junction, CO. We will also be sharing a stage with the Misfits this fall. Of course, we will soon be involved in recording the next Angelical Tears CD!

Pure Grain Audio - 190 Proof Music, Chee Kam, August 19, 2011

Check It Out: Angelical Tears

Check It Out: Angelical Tears

Next up in our coverage of the bands playing at this year’s Dame Nation festival, Unleash the Furies brings you Angelical Tears from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! That’s right folks, symphonic metal with a gothic flavor is alive and well in the Great Plains.

Angelical Tears first came to our attention this time last year with the release of their self-titled EP, which offers six tracks of angelic vocals with demonic guitars. In the band’s own words: “The combination of the ethereal vocals of [Russian-born] Julia Flansburg, pounding bass of Glenn Flansburg, heavy guitars of Steven Bittle, thundering drums of Jeremy ‘JC’ Clifton, and the melodic keyboards of Robby Ray, give Angelical Tears a style and sound that sets them apart from their peers[.]“ True words. Take the guitar-driven intensity of American melodic metal, temper it with the dark melancholy of Russian gothic metal, and you have a pretty good idea of what is in store for you. And it’s good.

Angelical Tears is hard at work on a full-length album for release in early 2012, and a tour in Scandinavia and Russia with labelmates, Where Angels Fall. Exciting stuff ahead for these newcomers!

Angelical Tears is:

•Julia Flansburg – Lead Vocals

•Glenn Flansburg – Bass

•Steven Bittle – Guitars/Vocals

•Robby Ray – Keyboards

•JC – Percussion/Vocals

You can check out Angelical Tear’s entire 2010 EP on their Facebook and ReverbNation profiles.

Those attending Dame Nation should leave their impressions of this band and all the others here or on our Facebook page!

Other Dame Nation bands we’ve covered: A Sound of Thunder, Avariel, Deadmanswake, Lindz Riot (Mary and the Black Lamb), Losing Scarlet, Shield of Wings and Solarsphere. Still to come: The Unvoiced. Stay tuned!

Unleash The Furies - Female Fronted Metal You Should Know, Robin Stryker, July 25, 2011



Based in a suburb of Oklahoma City is the pure European Neo-Classical female fronted Melodic Gothic Power Metal orientated band ANGELICAL TEARS. If no additional info was supplied to me, I would never have guessed this band is from the USA, because this sounds like a typical Dutch band to me and comparisons to the Dutch bands EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, DELAIN, THE GATHERING, KINGFISHER SKY, STREAM OF PASSION, WITHIN TEMPTATION, MORNING, AUTUMN, etc. etc. are quite easy to make. Without a doubt, the band’s debut mini-CD is a high quality release that can easily compete with the aforementioned bands. Happily, the production is also very good and it is thanks to the excellent musicianship of the band and the ‘angelic’ voice of Russian born singer JULIA FLANSBURG, this ANGELICAL TEARS is receiving the highly recommended mark. It might not sound very original and especially in Holland, there are a lot of similar bands playing this genre, nevertheless ANGELICAL TEARS sounds really good and especially the song “Darkness” would make WITHIN TEMPTATION jealous! The band was formed in 2006 and are currently working on their first full-length CD, to be released sometime in early 2012 and without any doubts, that will be a very interesting CD to look forward to! Check them out at: and e-mail them at:

Strutter'zine, Gabor Kleinbloesem, July 23, 2011

Julia Interview

Julia Interview

Újabb énekesno biográfiájával bovülünk, mégpedig az Angelical Tears csodálatos énekesnojét mutatjuk be nektek kicsit részletesebben!

- Születési hely és ido: 1982 február 10-én születtem Orelben, Oroszországban.

- Van testvéred? Egy bátyám van.

- Van gyermeked?Igen, egy 3 éves lányom és egy 9 éves mostohafiam.

- Mi a hobbid? Zene, utazás, sport

- Mi a kedvenc…

Ételed: Minden- IMÁDOK enni

italod: sör, tea és kávé

filmed: horror filmek

TV musorod: Family guy

Együttes/ énekesed: Metallica

Színed: fekete és vörös

Angelical Tears dal: Tomorrow happens now

Ország: Egynél többet szeretek. Hollandia ( jó sör, ételek, és rengeteg látnivaló), Oroszország (ott él az egész családom és a barátaim), Egyesült Államok (ahol most élek, és amit szeretnék még jobban bejárni). Szeretnék Olaszországba is eljutni majd.

Sport: Amerikai foci

- Van példaképed? Nincs.

- Melyek a jelenlegi kedvenc dalaid? (Top5-ös lista)

1. Within temptation - Stand my ground

2. Nightwish - Amaranth

3. Elysion - Never, forever

4. Within temptation - Faster

5. We are the fallen - St John

- Legrosszabb rémálmod a színpadon:

Elesek és összetörök valamit a színpadon miközben mindenki néz.

- A legjobb Angelical Tears koncert:

Egy régebbi fantasztikus koncert február 26-án Tulsában. A tömeg és az energia csodálatos volt. Eladtunk egyet-mást, és mindannyian nagyon jól szórakoztunk. Talán egy kicsit túl jól is :)

Melyik volt életed legjobb napja?

- Amikor a kislányom megszületett.

Mikor és hogy kerültél kapcsolatba a zenével, hogyan döntöttél az éneklés mellett?

- Glenn és én egy nap úgy döntöttünk, hogy alapítunk egy gothic metal bandát. Egy ideje bogon játszott. És tudtam, hogy valamelyest tudok énekelni. Hát így kezdodött.

Máshol is dolgozol jelenleg vagy csak az éneklésre koncentrálsz?

- Van hétköznapi munkám – egy ortopéd klinikán ortopéd szakemberként dolgozom. Imádom a munkám. Majd szeretnék egyszer azért csak az éneklésre koncentrálni, de egyelore valakinek fizetni kell a számlákat. :)

Hol szeretsz jobban élni? Oroszországban vagy az Egyesült Államokban?

- Az USA-ban. Több a lehetoség itt az államokban. De ugyanakkor mindig nagyon örülök ha meglátogathatom a barátaimat és a családomat.

Hány évesen költöztél az Egyesül Államokba? Mi motiválta ezt a döntésedet? - Körülbelül 6 évvel ezelott költöztem Amerikába. Találkoztam Glennel és egymásba szerettünk, o is hozott ide.

És még egy utolsó kérdés: Jártál már korábban itt nálunk, Magyarországon?

- Sajnos még nem. De a közeljövoben szeretnék eljutni!

Ladies In Rock Magazine, Brigitte Szabó, April 29, 2011

Julia Flansburg - Angelical Tears Interview

Julia Flansburg - Angelical Tears Interview

In America you wouldn’t ever even begin to think a gothic metal band would come from their lands. Sure, Europe is very well known for producing favourites like Within Temptation and Nightwish, and we have been lucky enough to get the alternative act We Are The Fallen from California! America needs to brace itself for a brave band from Oklahoma City who are mastering the European metal sound with an angelical siren named Julia. They are called Angelical Tears and they describe themselves at angelical vocals with demonic guitars. You have to hear them for yourself! Their recently released EP is very impressive. Here’s what Julia has to say about her journey with the band so far.

Hello Julia and welcome to the Femme Metal Webzine, thanks so much for taking the time do this interview with us. First of all I would love to know the origin of Angelical Tears. When and where did it all start and how did the band come to be?

Well, Angelical Tears was born around Halloween time 4 years ago in Oklahoma city to fill a void it had in the symphonic female fronted metal scene.

After taking a good listen to your songs I feel as if they are fantasy based, but that could just be because of your sound. What are the stories behind your songs? Are they true stories?

I try to write my lyrics that are based on real life – my experience or my friend’s life stories.

So regarding your live show: what is the music scene like in Oklahoma? How have your shows and fans been? How long have you been playing live for anyways?

If we were a country ensemble the music scene in Oklahoma would be amazing. The rock and especially the metal scenes are practically non-existent. Most of the time we end up playing shows with hard-core metal bands. Because the scene is so undeveloped here we get better reception outside of Oklahoma.

From what I hear your sound is very much like that of the music coming out of Europe. What bands have inspired Angelical Tears as a whole?

Each band member had its own inspiration some love classical musical, some dig heavy metal. And of course European metal with female singers is something that we all like. Bands like Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation and so on definitely in some way has inspired us to write our stuff.

So I wanted to say congrats on the Australian distribution and the release of your self titled EP! It’s really great stuff. How are you finding the response has been to these 6 songs?

The response has been great, especially in Europe. Hungary and Romania have been quite receptive.

What is the song writing process like for Angelical Tears? Who mostly writes the music and who is the main lyricist?

We all try to write music and lyrics. But mostly I write lyrics and the guys write the music. Each one of us tries to contribute whatever he/she can during the creative process.

My favourite song is "Tomorrow Happens Now", if you don’t mind telling me what’s the story behind it? What is your favourite song and why?

"Tomorrow Happens Now" – that song is about wanting that special someone to be with you right now in the moment. Dreaming about that person, but he’s far away and you don’t know when you are going to meet him/her again. It’s hard to say which song is my favourite. They are all meaningful to me and have their own story.

I also hear on the EP you sing "Chasing Eternity" in Russian! Am I correct? By the sounds of it, is Russian your first language?

Correct – that is Russian you hear in "Chasing Eternity". It’s my first language and I thought it would be cool to sing that song in Russian – something different. You know, originally that song was all in English, but while we were recording it, we decided to change it.

So you have categorized Angelical Tears as Gothic metal is that correct? What are some of the bands metal influences? And what is Goth to you? Is there anything of the Gothic culture that is close to your heart and has influenced Angelical Tears?

First and foremost we are a metal band. We try to apply some gothic overtones while also giving it that symphonic feeling. Angels, demons and vampires are just a few of the supernatural references we try to invoke with our music. Metal music from Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer as well as even some of the more hair metal bands from the 80s have helped shape and mold our individual styles over the years. Even some of the more classic gothic bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure have helped to inspire and define who we are. While the gothic scene in Oklahoma City is pretty small we try to do our part to enhance it.

So moving away from the band for a bit, for you as the lead singer: how do you like fronting the band? What is your stage time like for you? Who doesn’t like or want to be a lead singer?

It’s an absolute joy being in the limelight. I cherish every moment I have on stage pouring out my emotions through my music. It brings me closer to our fans who relate with our message. I have to say I absolutely love your voice! It’s so very unique.

What is your background with singing?

Thank you very much. To tell you the truth,I don’t have that big of a singing background. I have taken some classes from classically trained opera singer, Regina Grimaldi. She’s an awesome teacher and helped me a lot with my voice.

Who are some of your favourite singers?

Sharon den Adel.

And what about bands? What are your top 5 if you could pick any?

My picks probably will be: Metallica, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Journey and We Are The Fallen.

Sweet! We Are The Fallen made a great debut this year! So back to Angelical Tears, what does the band’s future hold?

Currently we are writing new material for a full length album. It’s style may end up being a bit heavier than our EP. We hope to continue to tour around our region here in the Midwest and hopefully hit some of the larger festivals during the summer.

You guys could definitely own a heavier sound! What are you hopes and ultimate dream from Angelical Tears? Well what band doesn’t hope and dream for that ultimate record contract?

Ultimately we would love to tour worldwide and bring our music to the masses.

Wicked. Well Julia it’s been a slice! Thanks so much for doing this interview with us.We are really looking forward to more great music from Angelical Tears and wish you all the very best.

Thank you very much guys. It has been a pleasure!

Femme Metal Webzine, Lindz Riot, March 02, 2011

Angyali hang és ördögi gitárok

Angyali hang és ördögi gitárok

Az Angelical Tears egy 4 évvel ezelott megalakult oklahomai együttes, ám a vágyott nemzetközi siker még nem érte el oket, s ez okból keresett meg minket az együttes gitárosa, hogy ajánljuk oket nektek, hogy minél többen és több helyrol megismerhessék és megszeressék zenéjüket. Lássuk hát kik is ok és mit játszanak!

2006 októberében alakult meg a hat tagot számláló együttes, mely új, különleges zenei színfoltja lett Oklahoma városának. Zenéjüket a goth-, klasszikus-, metál- valamint az alternatív zene befolyásolta, így ezeknek az összegyúrásából született az Angelical Tears világa. Julia Flansburg éteri hangja, Derek Teague és Steven Bittle kemény gitár szólói, Jennifer Corbin dallamosbillentyu- témái, Glenn Flansburg (Julia férje) ütos basszusa és Tanner Hodgkinson mennydörgo dobjai adja ki ezt a kiváló együttest.

Nemrégiben jelentették meg elso kislemezüket ’Angelical Tears’ címmel, melyet a helyi rádiók már játszanak is. A kiadványon 6 dal található, külön érdekessége, hogy az énekesno anyanyelvén, oroszul is énekel rajta! De nincs megállás, szeretnének kitörni és nemcsak helyi berkekben játszani, így az idei évre tervezik nagylemezük kiadását is, melynek munkálataihoz már hozzá is láttak. Dalaik meghallgatása után azt kell mondjam, minden esélyük meg van a nagy áttörésre, mert nagyon jól szólnak mind a lírai, mind a zúzósabb nótáik. Stílusban leginkább az Evanescence és a The Murder of my sweet közé tudnám helyezni oket. Így aki ezt a két együttest szereti, hatos fogatunkat is szeretni fogja! Dalaikba belehallgathatsz Myspace oldalukon, vagy hivatalos honlapjukon, de kedvcsinálóként itt a ’Tomorrow Happens Now’!

Ladies In Rock Magazine, Brigitte Szabó, January 24, 2011

ANGELICAL TEARS - ONLINE EMPIRE 46-"Rising United"-Artikel

ANGELICAL TEARS - ONLINE EMPIRE 46-"Rising United"-Artikel

Auch wenn der Bandname die Vermutung nahelegt, wir würden hier mit Tränendrüsen-Gothic konfrontiert werden, und diese Vermutung durch die Tatsache, daß in Julia Flansburg eine Sängerin der Band vorsteht, verstärkt wird, haben ANGELICAL TEARS mit solchen Klängen nichts am Hut. Stattdessen kann man bei der Band aus Oklahoma City von kraftvollem, aber zugleich auch melodischem Metal sprechen, den man als eine Mischung aus STRATOVARIUS und nicht ganz so modern aufgepeppten THE MURDER OF MY SWEET beschreiben könnte. Die sechs Songs des ersten ANGELICAL TEARS-Demos sind fehlerfrei ausgefallen, Julia singt zugleich gefühlvoll wie auch mit der nötigen Power, so daß man für diese Träne gern eine Phiole bereitstellen kann, um sie zu konservieren. Denn: Diese Band gehört definitiv zum Besten, was Amerika bislang auf diesem stilistischen Sektor hervorgebracht hat!

UNDERGROUND EMPIRE, Stefan Glas, December 24, 2010

CD Review - Angelical Tears

CD Review - Angelical Tears

Stop the presses; hold the fort, hell has frozen over. We actually have a really good female fronted Gothic sounding American release. Someone call my cardiologist, I’m having heart palpitations. Well, actually, I’m enjoying it more than I can possibly describe. Maybe there’s hope for a band from the northern part of the Western Hemisphere in a country not called Canada. And where are they from you ask? Oklahoma, not generally regarded as the hippest state in the union, and generally proud of it. Don’t ask me how it happened, it just did. Now I’m not saying I’ve never found anything to recommend in Oklahoma but strip joints aren’t generally a staple on this site, and that was the only high point in my experience with the Sooner state, especially that little redhead, er, ahh. . . . But, I digress.

Well, this strange phenomenon may have happened because some really good metal musicians just happened upon a really good vocalist. And she just happens to be a RUSSIAN. How’s that for irony? Oklahoma is about as far from Moscow as you can get, in more ways than one. The production here is an EP, a rather substantial EP with a total of 6 songs that serves as a coming out effort for the group. I generally shy away from American music but after a cursory listen here it was clear that this was a substantial sound, both musically and in terms of the vocalist. So let’s take a look at Angelical Tears.

The EP starts with No More. We get a haunting vocal intro that leads to crunching guitar riffs, it’s a strange blend of the American Great Plains and the dark Russian wilderness, which is pretty much what this production is all about. Just to be clear, our Russian vocalist, Julia Chikina, who is now Julia Flansburg, is the wife of bass player Glenn Flansburg, and our congratulations to Glenn on a fine acquisition. I can’t imagine a vocal that works better with a given sound. The song moves from that dark intro into the more metal delivery over those pounding guitars, augmented by a symphonic from the lovely keyboardist, Jennifer Corbin. Jennifer has to be the only symphonic keyboardist working in metal music in Oklahoma, and she’s pretty good. There is a limited male vocal, something on the order of a death metal vocal but not in the Morten Veland mode. It’s mainly there for emphasis. Chikina can hit the high notes and does so here on occasion, the guitars from the two guitarists ride over the drums and the bass as intended and we are introduced to something pretty much akin to the European Gothic motif. There’s quite a bit on line regarding the band, you might want to check here for some samples, I never could get their regular website to work.

The second track is Save Me. Again, some fine keyboard work to support the guitars, and those guitars do justice to this North American art form. Julie goes dark here, in the truest tradition of the Gothic message. She sings:

Sadness around me

It takes control of me again

It makes me helpless

I can’t break free, break free

I can’t hide

My soul is lost in emptiness

Because we can’t be

We’re losing ourselves, ourselves

The song is, as most of them are, a guitar based number. The bass works overtime, but the tempo alternates between crushing metal and the alternating softness of the seductive vocals. Julie can make the hormones howl.

Dreams is just that. .. dreams. Again, keyboards lead us into the melody, a softer direction takes hold and Julie again takes us down a dark and dusky road. The song addresses the fear of relationships, initially with a darker tone that leads to a more staccato drum line that leads the guitars into the metal. There’s not as much overlaying of the vocals in this production as we typically get with the Europeans and that may be an oversight. The limited glimpses we get in this song are outstanding. Wish there was more of it; she can do wonderful harmony when given the opportunity. The song concludes with more of the dark, sultry vocal, over a limited instrumental, all very nice.

Tomorrow Happens Now is the fourth title. It is drum driven, a harder design. There are two guitarists with AT, along with the bass, and they work together well, and that double duty is apparent on this number. Again, the keys provide a cushion, one that could be more interesting with more emphasis. There is a little here and it is a highlight of the music. But, it is the guitars that drive the AT music, and the bridge on this track is outstanding. At the conclusion of that bridge, Julia returns with her enticing vocals to make this a first rate metal production.

Darkness is another rocker. We get some interesting vocals over the guitars to start the number. This is the harder part of the AT sound. But, as the song progresses, we return to the dark interpretation of reality that is the focus of the AT music. You don’t often hear this message in American music, but it pervades the European sounds:

Darkness surrounds me

And holds me really tight

Rippling through my heart

It keeps dragging me down and down

Again, there are some strong guitar riffs to keep the song going. This hard guitar, blended with the sultry vocals is what makes the AT sound interesting. It flows through most of the music, and this track is no disappointment.

The final selection, Chasing Eternity, has to be the highlight. A tight keyboard introduces the song, and is followed by Russian vocals. Julie allows that she wanted to do some Russian lyrics to spice up the music, and just threw them into this song. And boy, do they WORK. This is absolutely the strongest cut on the EP, and the Russian lyrics go a long way towards making it that way. I don’t have those lyrics here in Russian, of course how many of you would be able to read them if I did, but the English translations are adequate. Just believe me, they sound better in the original Russian. Again, they look at life from a darker perspective:

I want you to be right next to me

But I’m still alone

It’s so hard to be far away from someone you love

And not know when you meet again

Your eyes are like a light that shines within me

But darkness eats my soul and you can’t find me

Angelical Tears presents a picture of what American music could be, if musicians would make the effort. The writing is solid, the musicians as strong as anyone, and the vocals leave nothing to be desired. Wish I’d have known about the band when I was in Oklahoma City, just think of the money I could have saved staying away from those other entertainment options. .. and I would have liked it a whole lot more.

9 / 10

Sonic Cathedral, Doctor T., December 05, 2010

Angelical Tears - "Angelical tears" EP (2010)

Angelical Tears - "Angelical tears" EP (2010)

From Oklahoma, comes the Gothic Rock/Metal band Angelical Tears. Their debut 6-song EP features 22-minutes worth of songs with dark, haunting melodies that at times are reminiscent of Evanescence. Angelical Tears are fronted by the formidable vocals of Julia Flansburg. First off, Angelical Tears has crafted a fine debut with the songs on their self-titled EP. The production is excellent and the songs are well written and performed. From the opening track "No More" – which is a great, heavy opener – the band highlights the strong vocals of Julia Flansburg. This is also the one song to include rough male vocals. The third track "Dreams" features a number of tempo changes and is my favorite of the 6 included here. "Tomorrow Happens Now" is only about 3-minutes long but it is a fast paced up-tempo track that is another highlight. The closing two tracks the hauntingly melodic "Darkness" and the piano heavy ballad "Chasing Eternity" brings "Angelical Tears" to a great conclusion. Angelical Tears has what it takes to be a major talent in the realm of Female Fronted Metal. The band are currently working on music for a full-length studio album which should – hopefully – see the light-of-day in 2011, until then fans of dramatic Female Fronted Metal should get acquainted with Angelical Tears via this excellent EP. Rating – 88/100

Femme Metal, Tony Cannella, October 26, 2010

RHYS' RE: VIEWZ VOL.36. - HYBRID METAL - Angelical Tears

RHYS' RE: VIEWZ VOL.36. - HYBRID METAL - Angelical Tears

Hailing from Oklahoma, bang in the middle of the infamous Tornado Alley, Angelical Tears features two females and four males with the vocalist of Russian origin. Sounding similar to Evanescence, Vanguard and Within Temptation, the Gothic Metal sextet wrote their debut EP amongst the tornadoes circulating the studio, dragging in the darkest of atmospheres and fury from nature's beauty. How daring is it that the band should perform in front of an audience with a tornado on the horizon, it is as if this EP would be the best soundtrack for such an occurence. Such sheer beauty is brought by Julia on vocals and Jennifer on keyboard duties, but with that sheer darkness and sublime metal is brought by Steve (also male vocals), Derek, Glenn and John and together the American sextet deliver potentially one of the best Gothic Metal debut's seen this year, so much so I cry 'Angelical Tears'.

Wretched Spawn, RHYS STEVENSON, October 02, 2010



Since forming in October of 2006, Angelical Tears has stood as a unique musical voice in the Oklahoma City music scene. The band's heavy but melodic sound is the result of a variety of musical influences such as Gothic, Classical, Metal, and Alternative. These elements all combine to create 6 tracks that offer a metal sound with strong symphonic Gothic elements. The combination of the ethereal vocals of Julia Flansburg, heavy guitars of Derek Teague and Steven Bittle, the melodic keyboards of Jennifer Corbin, pounding bass of Glenn Flansburg, and thundering drums of John Kenerson give Angelical Tears a style and sound that would see them causing quite a stir on the European Mainland I am sure. Check them out at Good stuff..8.5/10

Ravenheart Music, Aimee, September 10, 2010

Angelical Tears

Angelical Tears

Os los traemos desde Oklahoma. Esta formación poco conocida quiere salir de su Estado y arrasar mundialmente y no le falta madera para llegar a lo mas alto. Desde octubre del 2006, “Angelical Tears” se ha destacado en la escena musical de la ciudad de Oklahoma. Su Metal pesado pero melódico es el resultado de una variedad de influencias que pasan por el Gótico, la música Clásica y el Metal Alternativo. Estos elementos se combinan para crear un sonido Metal con fuertes elementos Góticos Sinfónico.

La combinación de la voz etérea de Julia Flansburg, las guitarras pesadas de Derek Teague y Bittle Steven, los teclados melódicos de Jennifer Corbin, el potente y sonoro bajo de Glenn Flansburg, los estruendosos tambores de Tanner Hodgkinson dan vida a un estilo y sonido que los distingue de sus compañeros en la escena musical norteamericana de Oklahoma. El primer show de la banda fue con "March Bandness" batalla de bandas en el concurso organizado por la emisora de radio "The Buzz" 94.7FM Oklahoma City, pasando entre las cuatro mejores y desde ese momento la banda ha seguido tocando la escena local y ha recibido una gran respuesta de los aficionados y propietarios de los clubes. Recientemente lanzaron su primer trabajo de estudio con material original de la formación. La música de este CD ha ganado el “Airplay” de radio local en local “KATT” estación de radio 100.5. El lanzamiento de este CD, ha hecho que la banda haya fijado su mirada más allá de la escena musical local, en busca de extender sus alas hacia los estados circundantes y nuevamente están trabajando en un nuevo proyecto de estudio de larga duración que comenzarán a grabar para el 2011. El grupo contacto con nosotros para facilitarnos su último disco y que sonase en Auriarock.

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