Q. How did you come up with your name?

A. We were wanting to combine sadness with something to do with angels.

Q. How long have you been playing? Are you on the road much?

A. The band has officially been together for six years. Our current line up as been together for a year and a half. We have toured all over the country last summer, including Las Vegas, San Antonio, Austin, Denver, Chicago, Milwaukee, Wichita, and Martin, TN, not to mention various cities within Oklahoma. We were also fortunate to participate in the Dame Nation festival in 2011, the Rock Jam festival in Grand Junction, CO in 2011, and a stop on the All Stars Tour, also in 2011. Now that our LP is finally finished and released we are booking more and more shows within the region. Right now we have shows booked in Lawton, OK and Tulsa, OK and are in the process of getting back to Wichita, Kansas City, Austin and San Antonio, as well as booking another show in Las Vegas for early next year with a stop in Santa Fe or Albuquerque. We are also looking at venues within Arkansas and Louisiana. If you know of any good venues for us to get in touch with, then by all means, please share.

Q. Do you perform "Ненависть (Hate)" on your gigs? What is reaction of people? Are they interested in what this song about?

A. Yes we do perform it at every gig. The song is generally well received by the crowd. Typically people don't ask about the meaning of the lyrics so much what language that it is in. :) We also have another Russian song called Одна.

Q. What is your home town?

A. All of us come from various parts of the world. Julia is originally from Orel, Russia and moved here to Oklahoma a few years ago. Ole is from Norway. Glenn & Steven are native Oklahomans, though we call Oklahoma City our home town.

Q. How did you learn how to shred so sweetly?

A. A sharp cheese grater is a must. Outside that, it's all in the wrist. :)

Q. You Guys Rock! I Listen Every Night! How Did You Start Out?

A. We (Julia and Glenn) decided that playing country music and cover songs wasn't really that fulfilling and decided to start a band. We had recently discovered bands like Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Nightwish, etc. and chose the female-fronted gothic/symphonic metal style as the direction we wanted to take it. It was pure luck that we found Steven and Ole.

Q. Has your lead singer Julia always sang in English?

A. Julia also sings in Russian. Two songs on "The Eleventh Hour" are in Russian and an additional song on the "EP" is a combo of English/Russian.